About Woodsoul products

About Woodsoul products

Our attractive and practical wood cases for Macbooks, iPhones and iPads are made to fit your device like a glove and are sure to add to the life of your machine. Each case is handcrafted in Berlin, Germany and is a completely one-of-a-kind creation, thanks to the inherently individual look that comes from working with real wood. Our designers and craftsmen put a strong emphasis on both quality and style, so you can rest assured that your Apple products will always be in the very best hands anytime that you buy from Woodsoul.

Our wood cases are at once sleek, modern and beautifully natural, offering a look that is totally unique and timeless. It’s not often that you find a product that is so visually appealing and still so extraordinarily useful. These cases will protect your Mac merchandise nicely, providing a layer of protection between it and the cruelties of today’s world. In fact, looking good and keeping your machine looking new for longer are the only missions that our cases have in this world and you’ll undoubtedly find that they perform exceptionally well in both respects.

At Woodsoul we use only the finest woods, crafting our products from real American walnut, zebrano and maple. These are some of the toughest natural woods that money can buy and each one features an understated elegance that is sure to work well with any look you wear. We also use clever features like double-sided adhesive to ensure that our products won’t leave a residue on your Macbook when you take it out of its case. This kind of forethought is just another indication of how much we respect Apple products and strive to safeguard them from any type of damage.

We also offer custom laser engraving that will make our wood cases even more personalized and distinctive. Have a name or a special message added to any one of the cases that we make for the perfect gift that any Apple fanatic will absolutely adore. This addition will also make the device that it’s covering quickly and easily identifiable from all of the other iPhones, iPads and Macbooks in the room.

You’ve no doubt invested a good deal of money in your Apple device and would like for it remain in good condition for as long as possible. Now with one of our beautiful wood cases, it’s easier than ever to keep it looking great while you do the same.